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Happy New Year!!

We have two hours left until the New Year and I am so excited!! This past year has been so crazy and I’m sure that you all can say the same. I’ve had many up’s, many lows, lost friends and family, gained new friends plus a little sister, and I received many blessings. The year of 2014 has been such a great learning year for me and I may forget many things from this year later in life, but I will never forget the valuable lessons I’ve learned that I will now carry with me in the years to come.

This blog is not about me though… I want to talk to you all. I do not know where you all are at mentally, emotionally, and physically at this given moment of your lives. I don’t know if you’re struggling, balling, getting by, or hanging on by your last string… but I want to tell you this. Every moment you live is something that you create. Your world is what you make it. It is no need to complain or contemplate on something, just do whatever you feel because if you don’t you may regret it. Reach for opportunities and make this world yours. Inspire others and do not be afraid to help others. Like I said, this is your world, and you create the next moments in it by planting seeds that you will reap later in life.

I am not going to talk your heads off today because I know people in this new generation of lazy hates to read, but I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoy yourselves and be safe tonight. Live tomorrow like you never had to struggle and live every next moment exactly how you want to because you never know what opportunities will come your way or what blessings may be in store for you. We all have a purpose, you just have to channel into your soul and find it.

I’m not going to give anything away, but soon Lethal Grind will be more exciting for you all and hopefully you all will visit the site more. Until then, enjoy the beginning of your year!! See you all soon! Love you all!!! Thanks for reading my blogs I really appreciate you all for your support.

I am a Savannah State University grad with a bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was born in New Orleans, LA, but raised in Washington, DC, where my family are natives. Since the age of 14, I am able to say that I have worked at over 12 different companies, which led me to knowing that I am good with working with people and in communications. I love writing (when I have the time) and run two businesses on top of a full-time career in public relations. When I have free time, you can find me plotting on my next business ventures, visiting different hole-in-the-wall restaurants, spending time with family and friends, or catching up on my favorite television shows that I rarely have time to watch. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @queenshalaya

2 comments on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Hi!! I love your blogs! Keep writing & I hope that this is a good year for you!!

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