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5 Ways To Combat Self Doubt

Self-doubt is the number one factor that keeps many people from reaching their goals. Self-doubt is worse than someone not believing in you because it means that you don’t believe enough in yourself, which needs to end today. If you can end your period of self-doubt, I promise that you will be able to reach any goal you put your mind to. Check out the five tips below to help you get rid of self-doubt starting today.

#1: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Do you catch yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling unaccomplished because you are not as advanced as the people around you? This is why you should stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Every human has their own life and their own destiny… and so do you. Do you think that God placed you on this earth to not have a purpose and to not be great? No, God didn’t. As long as you believe in yourself, compete against yourself to become a better person than you were the day before and put forth the necessary time and effort towards your goals, you will reach them in due time.

#2: Own Your Failures

To fail is a normal thing. I know that failure can sometimes be embarrassing and you may have suffered horrible consequences due to past failures, but never let them stop you from reaching your goals. Failure is just an opportunity to learn what not to do the next time around. If you keep the mindset that your failure was just a learning lesson, and apply that knowledge in the future, you will notice a major difference in the outcomes in projects you are completing in the future.

#3: Never Believe Someone Else’s Negative Thoughts About Your Endeavors

Remember when I said that self-doubt is worse than someone else not believing in you? That is still the truth, but self-doubt sometimes stems off of what people think of you. Some people surround themselves with negative people who have a pessimistic mindset about everything and people who will slap down any idea you throw their way. Never allow their thoughts to deter you and understand that everyone will not have an optimistic mindset nor be happy for the fact that you are willing to make a positive change in your life.

#4: Give Yourself Pep-Talks and Affirmations

I know this may seem a little crazy, but sometimes it is best to encourage yourself through daily self-talks and affirmations. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how great you are. Convince yourself that you can accomplish any goal that you set and speak into existence everything that you want to be in life. You can practice self-guided affirmations and if you find it hard to talk to yourself, talk to God because God always listens and will help you on your difficult journey while combating doubt.

#5: Surround Yourself With People Who are Willing to Help

The last thing I will encourage you to do is to start surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests as you and willing to help you achieve your goals. On the road to success, we can sometimes find ourselves alone when our old circle of friends are not understanding of what we are going through nor supportive. You can still keep these friendships close and it is best to understand that everyone will not understand, but that there are people who do. Sign-up for some entrepreneur events and get to networking with like-minded individuals. Your future awaits!

Did you find this article helpful on your journey to combating self-doubt? Please leave your comments below!

I am a Savannah State University grad with a bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was born in New Orleans, LA, but raised in Washington, DC, where my family are natives. Since the age of 14, I am able to say that I have worked at over 12 different companies, which led me to knowing that I am good with working with people and in communications. I love writing (when I have the time) and run two businesses on top of a full-time career in public relations. When I have free time, you can find me plotting on my next business ventures, visiting different hole-in-the-wall restaurants, spending time with family and friends, or catching up on my favorite television shows that I rarely have time to watch. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @queenshalaya

5 comments on “5 Ways To Combat Self Doubt

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the fifth one because that I believe is THE most important. We have no idea how much of a useful resource others can be when we’re trying to improve our loves. Great post! Well deserved follow 🙂
    I posted yesterday about tips to make your workplace a more productive work environment, could you take a look and follow if you thought it was a good post? Thanks!

  2. This is so on time! Self-doubt is hard to accept, and I have to keep working on the voices I listen to. And, I also need to work on self-affirming statements as well! Thanks for this!

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